The Lunchiverse


The city in which the characters of Lunch Tiiime primarily live. It is a moderately-large city with an approximate population of 1 million people. It has a large downtown district, several professional sports teams, and many colleges, the most notable of which is the Polaris Technical Academy for the Electronic Arts, or PTA-EA.

The Polaris Technical Academy for the Electronic Arts

This is the school that the characters of Lunch Tiiime primarily attend. It is new to Columbia, it’s first-ever class established at the onset of the manga. Students that attend the academy are by invitation-only, and are generally (but not always) earned through innovation, creativity, and excellent grades in high school. It is unknown at this time where the school came from, or how it is funded.

Upper Appleton

This is the section of the city, west of Downtown, where Erin Oaks lives with her family. A very affluent part of the city, most of the residents live in mansions far off the street with plenty of security and behind tall fences. A short jaunt to downtown, it’s very convenient for most of the business people that live there. It boasts many boutiques and unique shops not found anywhere else in Columbia.


A middle-class section of Columbia, this is where families frequently move to in order to give their children a chance at a better education system. A very family-friendly neighborhood, there are plenty of malls and close driving distance to most commercial districts. This is also the home of Madilyn Flynn and ANNE_DERS.

Blue Springs

A nearly an hour outside of Columbia rests a quaint and cozy village mostly forgotten by the roaring highways that span around it. Known for its one stoplight and “world famous natural spring”, Blue Springs is a place many people want to escape, and few want to enter. It is the home of farm-girl Andi Candiland. The Candilands own a dairy farm in the area and are well-known by most of the residents.


A lesser-known part of Columbia far on the south-east side, Whitefence is the home to thousands of working-class families and is also the home of Ashley Gold and Thyme Hiddle. Not the best area of town and frequently plagued with crime and related issues, Whitefence is a place where people end up by circumstance, rather than by choice.