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Age: 18
Height: 5’5″
Build: Slim
Awesome Factor: 32A
Birthday: February 9th
Blood Type: AB



Thyme Janet Hiddle is a girl from Whitefence and is the next-door-neighbor of Ashley Gold. Thyme is a back-end developer, working with the C-Flat (C♭) coding language. If an application were a car, Thyme would be the under-the-hood expert.

Thyme’s father a bass player in a garage band, and it’s frequent that she loses sleep due to this all-night jams. His love for rock music has influenced Thyme greatly, and as a result she has become proficient at playing the bass guitar herself, though she doesn’t use the skill that often.

Thyme appears to be very cold at first glance, but it doesn’t take long before her anger bubbles to the surface and all of her emotions spill forward. Grumpy and frustrated with poorly made websites, Thyme joined the coding club in hopes of saving the world through good code, or at least making it less stupid. Glimpses into her room have shown a much softer side to Thyme… what is she hiding?


Thyme’s most notable feature are her two differently colored eyes, one green, and one gold, a feature she is very proud of. Tall and slender, she typically wears punk sort of outfits, both as a comfort to her and to keep other people at arm’s length.