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Age: 18
Height: 5’7″
Build: Curvy
Awesome Factor: 32D
Birthday: December 5th
Blood Type: A

Madilyn Errol Flynn is a scientist-engineer-mad-genius from Valleyard who’s convinced she doesn’t need friends – she can just build them. She was the very first student accepted into Polaris Tech, purely based on merit and talent. Madilyn was very interested in participating in Polaris Tech’s very first Science Fair, with a project she is sure cannot lose: ANNE_DERS, a fully-functional artificial intelligence unit. As a requirement to join the fair, Madilyn had to join the Computer Club. She has to put up with new “friends”, a rebellious AI, and her own impatience all at the same time which is quite the challenge.

Madilyn’s home life is very lonely. She has recently lost her father, whom was a scientist with job duties he wasn’t allowed to explain to his family. Her mother is an artist, but is rarely home, frequently travelling the world to deal with the recent loss of her husband and looking for new inspiration. Madilyn finds herself home alone a lot, with only ANNE_DERS to keep her company.


Madilyn is a tall, curvy woman with dirty-blond hair that hands in twin tails in front of her chest. She has bright blue eyes and almost always has a predatory expression. She always wears glasses, and is usually seen in business attire or other professional garb.