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Age: 19
Height: 5’5″
Build: Average
Awesome Factor: 34C
Birthday: November 18th
Blood Type: O



Erin Whitney Oaks is an affluent girl from Upper Appleton. She was born into riches and has known little else through her young adulthood. Her family life is one of great change and uncertainty; her father is an enterprising entrepreneur with a massive foundation for technological advancement. His workaholic lifestyle has left young Erin alone much of her life with many evil stepmothers that come and go as her dad tires of them.

As Erin reached adolescence, she was added to the family business as a secretary, but very quickly ended up as a saleswoman based on the reaction many of her clients had to her. She quickly went from behind a desk, to the other side of very fine dining tables in every restaurant in town, courting her father’s clients for donations to his foundation. It’s a life she does not want, but she knows no other way.

Erin attends the Polaris Technical Academy for the Electronic Arts through direct payment, whereas all of the other girls earned their positions. In the computer club, she joined to be a Quality Assurance Engineer, or someone that tests computer code. So far outside of the name she has no idea what it means, besides “always hit the green check-mark” according to Thyme.


Erin is of average height and build, naturally curvaceous with curiously deep red eyes. She has tanned skin and her hair is almost always kept in a ponytail. Her dress is almost always the latest Parisian or New York ‘urban’ fashion. Beautiful (and pricey) dresses and killer sunglasses.