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Age: 18
Height: 5’5″
Build: Very Curvy
Awesome Factor: 34DD
Birthday: June 14
Blood Type: A

Andi Jane Scotland¬†is a sweet mechanic’s daughter from Blue Springs who won a contest to join the Polaris Academy Computer Coding Club with her expert graphing calculator programming skills. She was very excited when accepted, as Andi has known very little outside of farm work and animals since she was little. Polaris promised a chance for her to make actual human friends, a development that her gigantic pet guinea pig, “Snacker”, wasn’t too fond of.

At home, Andi works tirelessly to keep her father’s farm up and running via machines that they used to build together. He’s passed away, so now Andi is in charge of the farm. An early riser, Andi works until daybreak, takes a bus to school, works hard on her studies all day, then goes back home (after the daily Computer Club meeting, of course) to work until late into the night, maintaining the various machines.


Andi is known for her physical strength and her freckles that cover her whole body. She almost always sports a luxurious braid of red hair, styled for function more than looks. She has uniquely hazel eyes and a persistent Midwestern smile.